Pregnancy at 40-years-old is possible

Reaching the age of 40 often brings mixed emotions to those achieving the milestone, but for families trying to become pregnant and build their family, it can be a particularly difficult occasion.

Health News Digest recently came out with a list of 10 myths often associated with Pregnancy in Your 40’s designed to inform families that acheiving pregnancy at this age won't be easy, but it certainly isn't impossible. Among the top myths included on the list are:

  • Pregnancy is easy in your 40s and happens all the time.
  • You can only have a baby using your own eggs.
  • The age of the man doesn’t matter when trying to conceive.

While getting pregnant at 40 will likely present challenges, there are options available to help you reach your dream. Among the newer possibilities for building your family is Embryo Adoption. Through Embryo Adoption, many women age 40 and up have been able to become pregnant and give birth to their child.

Whether you hope to have your first child or add more children to your clan, embryo adoption offers the opportunity to experience pregnancy and give birth. Often, when families discover embryo adoption they are excited to think about not only the chance to adopt a child, but to experience pregnancy and give birth to their adopted child.

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