World Magazine, a news source dedicated to being “tough minded but warm hearted” recently released a story examining the rise in In vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures in the past 20 years and the resulting hundreds of thousands of unused embryos remaining in frozen storage.

Nightlight Executive Director Daniel Nehrbass was featured in the story, and explained most families who undergo IVF likely don’t consider their options for remaining embryos before starting the process.

“The vast majority of people don’t have a plan,” says Nehrbass, executive director of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, an organization that does embryo adoptions. “They don’t want to destroy them because there is finality to that. So they store them and the years go by.”

For families who have completed their family building process and have remaining embryos in frozen storage, there are four options available.

  1. Donate the remaining embryos to another family for attempted pregnancy and childbirth.
  2. Release the remaining embryos for scientific research.
  3. Keep remaining embryos frozen indefinitely
  4. Dispose of the remaining embryos

For families considering their options for remaining frozen embryos, the Awareness Center has an entire section of our website dedicated to presenting all of your options including embryo donation.

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