Welcome to the World Alexander

This morning we wanted to take a moment to congratulate the Best family on the birth of their son Alexander who was born on October 14th. Alexander is the Best’s second child, both have been born through the process of embryo adoption.

The Best’s shared Alexander’s birth, as well as the process before and after with the world on their blog ‘The “best” is HERE!!!’. One particular post titled “Dear baby boy,” written just before Alexander’s birth, specifically resonated with the Awareness Center and we highly encourage you to visit and read for yourself. Below is a sampling"

“I think back to when our clinic first got the report of our 3 embryos from the clinic that froze them.  The records showed that when you were frozen, the power went out - just for a second, but it was just during the freeze process and we know how delicate and fragile you were.  The clinic told us to pick new embryos, to send you back.  But we knew that you were ours.”

To read the rest of the post and learn more about the Best’s journey through embryo adoption, please visit ‘The “best” is HERE!!' blog.

To learn more about embryo donation and adoption visit EmbryoAdoption.org.

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