On Monday, September 30, a segment of ‘The Katie [Couric] Show’ will focus attention on embryo donation and adoption. Check your local listings for the time and ABC channel for your area or visit http://katiecouric.com/ to input your zip code and find out!

Kelli and Dan Gassman visited the show along with their 9-month-old son Trevor who was adopted as an embryo through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program. The Gassmans discovered embryo adoption as a solution to their infertility and were thrilled with the ability to carry and nurture Trevor throughout Kelli’s normal pregnancy!

Trevor was a big hit on the show and even allowed Katie to hold him.

Other families on the show included Jodi and Larry Dillworth and Rachel and Diony Victorin who are the donor and adopting families, respectively. Both families brought their daughters along to the show, dressed in lovely navy blue dresses and tiaras.  How did those girls know they would match Katie’s dress that day?

The Dillworths and Victorins shared how they were matched through Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park.  Katie was particularly interested to learn about the events that took place when the two families first met one another face to face.

Watch the show on September 30 to see and hear all the details!

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