Is Embryo Adoption a Legal Adoption? Find Out on ‘The Katie Show’ September 30

Backstage at 'The Katie Show'

A segment of ‘The Katie [Couric] Show’ set to air on Monday, September 30 will focus on embryo donation and adoption.  Three families and their children arrived in New York City to tape the segment on September 18.  Excitement was in the air as the families converged on the ABC studio just off Central Park.

As Katie explored the family’s experiences with embryo donation and adoption she also turned to two experts seated in the audience to ask clarifying questions about the process.  Dr. Robin Poe-Ziegler from the New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine in Virginia discussed her clinic’s anonymous embryo donation program.

Kimberly Tyson, Marketing and Program Director for Nightlight Christian Adoptions answered questions about the legal elements of embryo adoption protecting both the donor and adopting families.

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