Embryo Adoption Mail Bag- Telling your child about Embryo Adoption and Embryo Adoption

Q: We are looking for good resources that will help us tell our child who is an adopted embryo about his origins. He is 4 years old; up until now, we have discussed how a doctor put him in my tummy, but nothing more. We'd like to start introducing the subject of adoption without it being a big discussion; however, we can't find any books or videos that we could share with him. All the adoption books I've looked at would be confusing, because we talk about mom giving birth to him all the time.
- Andrea

A: Dear Andrea,

We’ve found that the best practices of adoption encourage families to tell their children about their origins at a young age, so it we applaud your efforts to already educate your son.

The Awareness Center actually produced an hour long webinar called “What Do We tell the Kids???” focusing on how to talk to your children about their genetic origins, including resources that will assist you in the process. Below is a link to that webinar that you can watch at your convenience.

As far as books, I would recommend ‘Hope and Will Have a Baby’ by Iréné Celcer or ‘Training Wheels’ by Chris E Barrett and Sally B Hunter.

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