Awareness Center Online Educational Classes


The Awareness is excited to offer a pair of exciting webinars in May focusing on two very important issues. We would love to have you join us as we explore two issues commonly face by embryo donors and adopters.

Infertility Counseling Close-Up: Husbands Wives & Partners on the Same Page: May 15, 2013

Most counseling professionals agree husbands and wives should be on the same page when pursing traditional adoption and it should be no different with embryo adoption. However, the issues that must be explored and discussed can be different. Simultaneously, couples who have completed their family building process through In Vitro Fertilization and who have remaining embryos often differ regarding the final disposition of those embryos. Join us as our counseling experts share from their professional experience and discover how to assist your clients in solving differences prior to their embryo donation or adoption.

Shhh… The Difference Between Secrecy & Privacy: May 22, 2013

Embryo adoptions might be private, but do they have to be a secret? How do you tell your extended family and friends about your embryo adoption? How much do they need to know? If it seems like it could be too much information, is it? Join us as we examine how to share about your embryo adoption with the people around you while still protecting your privacy.

The Awareness Center has also made all of our past webinars available to you on demand. Take a look on the Webinar Archive page of 

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