Why DO I Need a Home Study?

You've decided to adopt embryos and you are so excited to begin the process, but you heard that the agency you are working with requires a home study before you receive embryos. And you’re not at all sure what that involves. It sounds a little intimidating, like the social worker is going to be scrutinizing every inch of your life and house.

But let me reassure you… the home study is not what you may think. The home study is more like weatherizing your home.

Though you may not be expecting a big storm, or a cold snap, the work you do on your house maintains your investment and helps keeps your family warm and safe. With a home study, you’re preparing your family for a big change and just sprucing things up a bit.

I bet you’re wondering, “What does that look like?”

The home study takes anywhere between two and six months and is 20% evaluation and 80% education.

The evaluation piece of the home study determines how ready you are to parent through adoption. This helps the family who donates your embryos know that they are making the best decision about who to place their embryos with.  You’ll be screened for any criminal and child abuse issues. You will also need to visit your doctor to be evaluated for any health issues that may affect your ability to care for and raise a child.

Most of your home study, though, is education. You’ll be prepared for the needs of a child who is not genetically related to you. You’ll build important parenting skills, helping you have healthy children, and a healthy family. The home study also prepares you to share your adopted child’s genetic origins with them. Once your home study is complete, you’ll be ready for the matching process where you’ll get to choose the family from whom you receive embryos and move forward with building your family.

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