What Does Open Adoption Mean?

Adoption has long been thought to be a private process: the less that is known by all parties involved, the better. Ignorance was widely considered bliss when bringing a non-genetically related child into your life.

Some people see open adoption as a scary proposition. Does it mean you will allow your child’s genetic family to move in with you? Daily visits? Are you announcing to the whole world you just completed an adoption? Press releases?

Not necessarily.

Open adoption encompasses the contact you agree upon with a genetic or adoptive family. While there is no requirement a donors or adopter meet in person, exchange last names or identifying information; it is encouraged to help select the family to whom you will donate your remaining embryos.

Several different options exist in choosing the family including exchanging introductory letters, biographies and even personally prepared photographs. After a selection is made, the choice is really yours in deciding what you are comfortable with for future contact. Some families exchange Christmas cards with brief updates of how the adopted child is doing.  Others have annual reunions or even go on vacation together. And everything in-between.

Many adoption professionals believe that open adoption is best for donors, adopters and most importantly the children involved.

To watch the "Chapter 9: The Smart Choice- Open Adoption" video, visit the video page of EmbryoAdoption.org.

To learn more about the open adoption process and embryo donation and adoption as a whole visit www.EmbryoAdoption.org.

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