Steve and Katie's Story of Embryo Adoption

Kate, Steve and Zara

The following is a story of embryo adoption compiled by the Family Research Council.

"We knew when we married in 1995 that we wanted to have a family, but we also knew that it would be difficult to conceive our own child due to Steve’s paralysis from a bicycle wreck. About three years into our marriage we started the traditional adoption process. 
The following year we heard about Nightlight Christian Adoptions and Snowflakes on a Focus on the Family radio broadcast. It took us about a year to get comfortable with the concept of adopting someone else’s frozen embryo. Kate was very excited, as she really wanted to experience pregnancy and childbirth.

Initially we were matched with a couple from Maryland and their six embryos, but none of the embryos survived the thawing process. We knew that because of our ages (by this time we were in our forties) we needed to act soon to seek another match. Four months later, we were matched with five embryos from a Canadian couple. 
What a glorious day it was when, two weeks after the embryos were transferred into Kate, we found out that she was pregnant! Kate connected deeply with the baby growing inside her, and our daughter Zara was born via emergency caesarian section on July 8, nine weeks premature, as Kate experienced problems with preeclampsia. Steve was amazed that a scrawny three-pound baby girl could immediately and completely capture his heart the very moment he first saw her as she was lifted from Kate’s womb. 
Zara is now a healthy, happy, smart, energetic bundle of joy who loves life and greets every day as the gift that it really is. We are so blessed and proud to have her as our daughter."
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