Kevin, Caleb, Jordan and Janet

The following is a story of embryo adoption compiled by the Family Research Council and edited for the purposes of this blog by the Awareness Center.

Janet and I learned about embryo adoption while listening to a radio broadcast by Focus on the Family. We had come to the realization that if Janet could not get pregnant by IVF, then we would pursue traditional adoption.

Amazingly, our genetic family was also listening to the same radio broadcast about embryo adoption and had an intense desire to place their remaining embryos for adoption. They had been struggling for years because they too believed that embryos are human lives, not extra, left-over blobs of cells from a procedure.

We remember the day when the packet arrived at our home with their profile, pictures, and letters. We opened it and cried tears of joy because we knew at that moment something wonderful had been done.

Three embryos were thawed and transferred to Janet on our first attempt and she became pregnant with twin boys, Caleb Joshua and Jordan Michael. We can’t imagine this world without them. We recently found out that we are pregnant with twins again. What an incredible blessing, to think that these embryos were frozen for nine years, and they were still preserved to be our children.

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