Stars struggle with infertility

While struggles with infertility can make a person feel alone and isolated, it’s important to know millions of people around the world are facing similar difficulties, even celebrities.

In a January 23rd Newsweek Magazine, Rebecca Dana identifies several celebrities who struggled with infertility issues or are taking preemptive steps to preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs.

Among the well-known personalities listed in the article is Celine Dion, a famous singer, who elected to attempt In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in 2010 and successfully gave birth to twins. Using donor eggs, Dion became a parent at the age of 42.

Also mentioned in the article was Maria Menounos, the co-host of Extra, who has openly shared that she has frozen her eggs for future use. The 33-year-old explained she wasn’t quite ready to settle down and start a family, which led to her decision to freeze her eggs.

“It’s a bit of an insurance policy,” Menounos said in an article.  “It doesn’t mean that in two years or three years I’m not going to try naturally, but at least I have this in case there’s a problem.”

Other stars, including Brooke Shields, Jane Seymour, Courtney Cox and Christie Brinkley have also turned to IVF after difficulties with infertility.

While IVF is a popular choice for couples facing infertility, other options, including Embryo Adoption exist. Embryo Adoption is the process of using donor embryos to achieve pregnancy. If all goes according to plan, give birth to your adopted child.

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