Snow in July

Part 1
By Dr. Becky Sanez, Edited by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center

In July 2006, it snowed in Flowood, MS. You don’t remember that? It didn’t make the news? That’s because it was a very private snowstorm. That was the day that our first “Snowflake Adopted Baby” was born.

A Snowflake Adoption is one in which the baby being adopted is still an embryo. The term was coined by the original agency to establish procedures for embryo adoption, Nightlight Christian Adoptions in California, because snowflakes are individual – no two are alike – and frozen.

When Joe and I decided it was again time to grow our family for the third time, I was nearly 40, and we decided that it might be good to “walk our talk” on being pro-life by adopting. While considering and praying about the usual adoption issues – domestic vs. international, infant vs. older child, etc., we “happened” to hear a Christian Medical Society audio cast on Snowflake Adoption. Its intended audience was actually Ob-Gyns who might be aware of possible donor couples. We looked at each other and nearly simultaneously said, “We could do that!” I’d already had two full-term uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries. We thought about it some more, and decided that our test would be my next regular Gyn checkup, already scheduled for the next month.

At that checkup, I told my doctor what we were considering, and asked her to consider this a pre-pregnancy check-up. At the end she pronounced that I was healthier than the typical 39-year-old, and she saw no reason not to proceed. Next day, we called and requested an application packet from our agency of choice. We filled out the initial pre-application, which was accepted, then proceeded with the real application and home study. After that was completed, which included social worker visit, everything was submitted, and we were informed that our packet was now in the “matching pool.”

Don't miss Pt. 2 of this remarkable adoption journey next week. 
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