New Book Helps Parents Tell the Kids about their Unique Adoption

As more and more families are growing through embryo donation and adoption, parents continue to scratch their heads and wonder, "What do we tell the kids???"

Joining "Our Wish for a Baby" and "Hope and Will Have a Baby" on the shelf of children's books focusing on this unique way children enter families is "Training Wheels: How Did I Get Here?"

This collaborative work by Chris Barrett, Digital Media Manager for The National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC), and a University of Tennessee psychology professor, Dr. Sally B. Hunter, warms the heart as it shares how children born through embryo donation and adoption are special and very much loved.

In a cheery rhyming pattern paired with colorful illustrations by Tyler Garrison the story of five-year-old Miles and his new bike unfolds. The bike, a birthday present from Miles' special friend, Mike, opens a door for Miles' parents to explain that Mike's mom and dad gave them a very special gift as well when they donated their remaining embryos and Miles was born as a result.

To learn more about Training Wheels visit Western Kentucky University, The NEDC, or purchase it on Amazon.