Embryo Donors and Adopters Share Their Heartwarming Story (Part 3)

(The following was written by an embryo adoptive parent and was published in a Nightlight Christian Adoptions newsletter.)

Edited by the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center

In Part 1, we heard from a couple donating their embryos. In Part 2, we learned the perspective of the adoptive family. Now, in Part 3 we hear from both sides about the forming of this unique family relationship:


Before adopting Kaitlyn, we made the decision that we wanted her to know from the very beginning how she came to be part of our family. We are so grateful to Barbara and Ken for their unselfish love and everything they have done to bring this precious baby into this world! It is with the utmost love and respect for them that we share this with you.

It is our hope that we will provide Kaitlyn with a home where she has the freedom to discuss her questions and feelings about being adopted— honesty and openness are essential for this. We believe that there will come a day when she will want to know her genetic family. As Eric and I have had the privilege of getting to know and love eachother’s families, we would never want to deny our child this joy.

With this in mind, we are building a relationship with Barbara and Ken. Eric and I have been so touched by the kind and sensitive way that Barbara and Ken have communicated with us. We are truly blessed to have them and look forward to greater contact in the future.


The adoptive parents, Cathy and Eric, graciously shared with us pregnancy updates and pictures of their child’s birth. Our daughter Aleks (who was born through IVF) was very excited, as we were, about seeing Kaitlyn—their daughter and her biological sister—for the very first time in pictures. Aleks helped pick out special baby gifts—some of her favorite bedtime story books, a crocheted dress she helped Barb make, and recent photos of our family.

We welcome a continuing dialogue with Cathy and Eric, as we do the prospect of a future relationship between our families, informed by the best interests and preferences of our children.

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