The New Infertility Community

In the past, infertility was not something that was easily and openly talked about. Fast forward to the present, while it’s still a sensitive subject for many families struggling to get pregnant, infertility is quickly becoming less and less of a taboo subject.

One main source of the growth of communication surrounding infertility has been the explosion of social media. Now, instead of thinking they are the only people going through it, couples all over the globe have been opened up to the reality that they are not alone in the world of infertility.

One popular source for information and support with difficulties conceiving a child is online infertility support groups. A quick Google search yields a list of more than 1.3 million results on the subject. Websites like and allow users to join anonymously and share what they are going through. With discussions revolving around all different experiences with infertility, support groups are a great way to share your joys, pains and everything in between. Most websites even have discussions of several different topics ranging from adoption and infertility, in vitro fertilization and even embryo donation and adoption.

Likely the fastest growing sources of infertility information on the web are fertility blogs. Families who once may have kept their fertility struggle hidden are now sharing their hearts and experiences with all who want to know. Blogs are a great way for those beginning their fertility journey to see the journey of those who have gone before them.

A relatively new form of communication in the world of infertility has come from video blogging via websites like YouTube. Now, instead of just reading about people’s experiences, you are now able to see them first hand. One such example of a video blog comes from Jimmy and Christine Moore who are continually documenting their journey through embryo adoption. From taking fertility shots to visiting the doctor and even sharing some heart break, the Moores have put their life on display for all to see and learn from.

Even the Awareness Center is developing the art of social networking on behalf of embryo donation and adoption. Please continue to visit our blog, search for us on Facebook, Twitter and even watch our videos on YouTube.

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