Acupuncture increases fertility rates

Acupuncture has long been a treatment for physical pain, but thanks to positive results may also help treat the emotional pain of infertility.

A recent article appearing in the Tennessean tells the story of Brooke Akin and her husband who were struggling with infertility. After several different costly treatments failed to succeed, doctors suggested the Akins pursue in vitro Fertilization (IVF) as the next step in their journey.

Instead of turning to IVF, the Akins sought out other alternatives and then discovered acupuncture. Three short months and several acupuncture appointments later, the Akins were pregnant.

While Acupuncture appears to have a positive effect on families attempting to achieve a natural pregnancy, it also may be able to help families using assisted reproductive technology including embryo adoption. A 2002 study by the Department of Reproductive Medicine at the Christian-Lauritzen Institute in Germany demonstrated the benefits of acupuncture when going through ART.

The preliminary study, consisting of 160 patients fighting infertility, showed definitive results that acupuncture can improve a couple’s chance of getting pregnant. Out of 80 families in the test group, 34 (42.5%) became pregnant after going through acupuncture treatments. In comparison, only 21 (26.3%) families in the control group became pregnant without acupuncture treatments. Researchers concluded that “Acupuncture seems to be a useful tool for improving pregnancy rate after ART.”

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