A New Beginning – Through Embryo Adoption

(The following was written by an embryo adoptive parent and was published in a Nightlight Christian Adoptions newsletter.)

By Dara
Edited by the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center

Part 1

She is the end (or rather a new beginning) to our embryo adoption story. It began one day when I was reading on the Internet about international adoption and learned about the Snowflakes (Embryo Adoption and Donation) Program.

My husband, Kevin, and I agreed it was a wonderful program but never thought it would be in our future. Some months later, in an ethics class, the doctor who was teaching discussed embryos. We saw pictures of embryos just 3-6 days old, and my heart was pulled to take a stand and rescue these babies-to-be.

On the way to our oldest son’s college graduation, I was reading a newsletter. The newsletter provides resources for families who are homeschooling kids with special needs or disabilities and also provides information on children with special needs who are waiting for placement with adoptive families.

I am always encouraged to see the work they are doing and be challenged in my homeschooling practices as I listen to the struggles many moms face and overcome daily. That particular newsletter had an article about a set of embryos looking for a family!

Due to the medical history, there was a possibility that these embryos might grow into babies with an illness incompatible with life. The agency was seeking a special family who knew of this possibility but was still willing to give these lives their chance. I was overwhelmed with the idea that we should take them.

I shared my thoughts with Kevin. He wondered about the process, the safety, and details but he felt if it worked out it was meant to be.

Story to be continued in the next EAAC Blog post...