Embryo Adoption - Coming To an Agency Near You

Embryo Adoption is a relatively new phenomenon. This unique adoption and infertility option allows couples to “adopt” embryos created by another couple during an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process and use those embryos in their own attempt to achieve pregnancy.

The first Embryo Adoption agency in the U.S. was the Snowflakes program run by Nightlight Christian Adoptions in Southern California. Snowflakes assisted in its first Embryo Adoption in 1997.

Since then, many other agencies have become involved with this adoption alternative. Some of those agencies have even started their own Embryo Adoption Program.

So who are these agencies? And how do their programs differ from one another? Let’s take a brief look at the eight Embryo Adoption agencies in the U.S. today, listed in order of how long they have been in existence:

Snowflakes Embryo Adoption
Works nationwide.
Arranges transportation of donated embryos to recipient family’s clinic.
Matching services and legal paperwork included.

Embryos Alive
Works nationwide.
No home study is required.
Dossier required in lieu of home study.

National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC)
Centrally located in Tennessee.
Frozen Embryo Transfers performed at the NEDC clinic.
Embryo Storage services available.

Bethany Christian Services
Services provided through 70 offices nationwide.
Home Study is required through Bethany.

Adoption and Fertility Resources
Based in Kansas City, MO but works with families nationwide.
Recipient receives FET at clinic where embryos were created.
Finalized legal adoption required when possible.

Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park
Based in Washington state, services available nationwide.
A Christian organization.
Social workers available for assistance with home study.

Crystal Angels Embryo Adoption Services
Works nationwide.
Openness determined by two parties involved.

Blessed With Infertility
Works nationwide.
Assisting with embryo shipping.

You can read more about each of these programs - and find contact information - on our website.

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