New Soy-based supplement may help fight infertility

Among the hundreds of advertised cures for infertility, one experimental treatment from England is showing significant potential.

Doctor George Ndukwe of the Care Fertility Clinic in Nottingham, England has found a way to improve conception rates in women using a soy based liquid, Intralipid, which is commonly used for tube-feeding very sick patients. The liquid is a fat and calorie rich potion that reportedly aids a woman’s immune system.

According to a January article in the Daily Mail, Ndukwe believes that 1 in 4 women struggling with infertility suffer from a faulty immune system due to extra high levels of white blood cells that fight potential pregnancy by triggering harmful chemicals in the body. Intraplipid is believed to help control the production of these chemicals.

The article continues to explain that tests results of Intraplipid have been significantly positive so far. Using a group of women who had failed to become pregnant in an average of six IVF attempts each, half became pregnant.

“The infusion is inexpensive, well tolerated and easy to administer,” Ndukwe added in the article.

Intraplipid could assist families trying to conceive children through infertility treatments, including the process of Embryo Donation and Adoption. During an Embryo Adoption, families adopt donated frozen embryos which are then transferred to the mother’s womb in hopes of achieving pregnancy. The ultimate goal is for the mother to give birth to her adopted child.

To read the complete story of Intralplid, please visit the Daily Mail website. To learn more about the unique option of Embryo Donation and Adoption visit

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