Snowflakes delivers children through Embryo Adoption

In the summer of 2007, Sabrina and Chris Garcia received some heartbreaking news: they were not able to achieve a pregnancy.

Like the thousands of couples in the United States who struggle with infertility, this Colorado couple began researching all of their adoption options.

They looked into the traditional alternatives: domestic adoption, foster adoption, as well as international adoption. But in the end, the couple decided to go in a very different (and life-changing) direction – Embryo Adoption.

Embryo Adoption is the process in which couples who have remaining embryos from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) are able to donate those embryos to another infertile couple to use in their own attempt to achieve pregnancy.

The result - for hundreds of couples like the Garcias - has been not only the joy of pregnancy but also the unique chance to give birth to their “adopted” child.

“When we found out we couldn’t get pregnant, my mother gave me a book on adoption from Focus on the Family and it mentioned this idea of Embryo Adoption,” said Sabrina. “I was wondering, ‘How have I never heard of this before?’ When I found out I could give birth to a child through Embryo Adoption, it was absolutely mind-blowing. I fell to my knees. It was beyond an answer to prayer.”

After researching multiple Embryo Adoption programs online, the couple found the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program in Southern California.

Operated by Nightlight Christian Adoptions, Snowflakes was the first Embryo Adoption program in the world, established in 1997. To date, over 220 children have been born through the Snowflakes program nationwide.

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