Availibility of Embryo Adoption Expands Through Possible Partnership (Part 3)

Adoption Center for Family Building (ACFB) and Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) are considering partnering together to create an exciting new embryo adoption partnership in the state of Illinois. This partnership would allow for a mutually-beneficial arrangement between clinic and agency.

For adoption agencies that are interested in creating a similar working relationship with a clinic in their own city, ACFB Director Tobi Ehrenpreis said the key is beginning a dialogue.

"I think you have to establish what the need is for it by pulling together people who are interested and have expertise and getting them in the room to talk about it," she said. "If the practice believes that this is a good idea, they'll listen."

Dr. Marie Davidson, a clinical psychologist at FCI who also serves on the board of directors at ACFB, said finding the right person to approach within the clinic is a main ingredient for success.

"I think step one is to do some basic research on clinics in the area that store embryos and could use some help," Davidson said. "You need to find the right practice and then, even more important, you need to find the right person. And, in addition, have something well-enough developed that you can hand it to them and say: 'Here's what we can do.'"

While the potential partnership between ACFB and FCI is still in its early stages, both Ehrenpreis and Davidson said they believe it will be a successful venture. And Davidson believes it is a model that not only can be successful in Chicago, but for other agencies and clinics nationwide.

"From my perspective, this answers a lot of questions and meets a lot of needs for many people out there," Davidson said. "We're all in the same business of trying to help people. It's a marvelous way to connect the two worlds."

For more information about Adoption Center for Family Building, visit www.centerforfamily.com. For further details on how your agency can pursue a partnership like this one, please contact the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center.

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