As an embryo donor, we recognize that you may need additional resources to further explore the process that you are considering. If you have remaining embryos and are not sure what you'd like to do with them you may wish … Read More

Terminology Defined

What's the Difference Between the Terms Donation and Adoption? Sometimes words are most easily clarified by looking up their definition in the dictionary. Typically, placing or donating parents tend to use the term 'donation', while receiving or adopting couples tend … Read More

Counselor Support Network

The counselors on this list are believed to be experienced and knowledgeable about issues relating to embryo donation and adoption. Their inclusion as part of the Counselor Support Network does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by either party of … Read More

Embryo Donation Decision Tool

What to do with your unused embryos? A guide for sorting through the options. Many couples who choose in vitro fertilization (IVF) create more embryos than they finally use to build their family. Remaining embryos are in frozen storage. But … Read More

Embryo Donation Brochures

These brochures may be useful to you for learning more about Embryo Donation. Please fill out the form below to gain access to download the PDF version of the brochure(s) to your computer. You may make as many copies as … Read More

Educational Presentations

We’ve created some presentations on the basics of embryo adoption and donation! Access the slides as PDFs by clicking one of the images below. You may click through at your own pace. Watch a recording of a webinar to listen … Read More