We believe that life starts with the hope held in these embryos. Our beautiful, 9-month old son is a testimony of that hope turned reality!

— Sarah & Rob

Embryo donation and adoption was a wonderful way for us to give another couple hope.

— Minta

The webinars are a great service to our staff and we really appreciate it! Thanks!

— Amanda Schwartz, RN, CNRN, Stanford Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center

I thought the seminar was excellent. It covered all the bases. I am very glad that your organization is making CME courses available that ABB will accept. In years past, I would go to the annual meeting to keep my CMEs current. Now I am looking for less expensive courses and yours are good and priced right!

— Carole, Zygote Science, LLC

After suffering from infertility for years and experiencing that heartbreak month after month and year after year, embryo donation and adoption was a way for us to spare another family from the pain and agony that infertility causes. It makes my heart sing when I see pictures of the beautiful family created through our story.

— Jenny

Thanks for the information! I had attended this webinar previously, but our Board of Directors had questions, so thought a refresher would be helpful-it was.

— Amy, Christian Family Services, Inc.

Thank you! The webinar was very helpful. We appreciate that we will be receiving a hand-out of the presentation. We look forward to the upcoming webinars and like the idea of them being scheduled at a regular time each month. Helpful for planning!

— Nancy, Christian Family Life Services

There are times where I still have trouble completely sorting out all that has transpired to date. I cannot express how happy I am! Having had the chance to see our son go from a 6-cell embryo to now a 6-year-old boy, I cannot imagine not donating the remaining embryos and giving them same wondrous opportunity.

— Jeff

We enjoyed the webinar very much and learned a lot to share with our families.

— Holly, International Adoption Services, Inc.

Our agency is considering how to incorporate embryo adoption into our services. The webinars you offer are very helpful and definitely worth attending.

— Lindsay