Our Center would like to express our gratitude... an excellent and informative webinar.

— Kathy Parenicka, RNC, IVF Nurse Manager, Virginia IVF & Andrology Center

We are very impressed with the FDA information distributed through the webinars. It also sparks discussions among our group specific to our center.

— Stacy M. Carney, Embryologist, Reproductive Associates of Delaware

We would have a hole in our hearts if it were not for the hope of embryo adoption that brought us our amazing son. We are so grateful to his genetic family for their amazing gift.

— Scott & Gayle

For us, embryo adoption has given us the hope that we will someday soon have a wonderful child to love and share our lives with.

— Michael & Stephanie

Embryo adoption has been a huge blessing to us, bringing us our sweet little daughter. We treasure her! Embryo donation and adoption is an excellent opportunity to bring the joy of children into families.

— Ben & Steph

Our remaining embryos deserved a chance in life, just as our children have had. The other options available did not give them that opportunity. Embryo donation and adoption was the best choice for us.

— Rob & Deb

Our great hope was that another family could start their family with the embryos that were created during our journey to complete our family. Embryo adoption was the only option for us and we are so happy we were able to donate them! Thank you Nightlight for everything that you do.

— Tom & Amanda

There's a fraternity of couples who have been through infertility. They understand this path: the doctors, the pain, the emotion. It's incredible to receive an embryo from another family and get to become pregnant, and then deliver a child.

— Larry & Shannon

For us, we had always dreamed of experiencing pregnancy, and learning about embryo adoption allowed us the chance to live that dream.

— Robert & Heidi

After struggling for years with infertility and miscarriages we were finally able to complete our family via IVF. We had many embryos frozen and after months and months of talking about what we needed to do, we knew the best choice for us was to give them to another couple.

— Tom & Amanda