Why Incorporate and Promote Embryo Donation in Our Clinic? With embryo adoption, families are able to give birth to their adopted child(ren). Perhaps more families would choose to receive donated embryos rather than create embryos with expensive donor eggs, if … Read More

Levels of Involvement

The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center (EAAC) has identified several levels of involvement that clinics may want to consider regarding embryo donation. LEVEL 1 Embryo Donation and Adoption Authority Clinic maintains expertise on issues relating to embryo donation and adoption and … Read More

Embryo Donation and Adoption Brochures

Here, you will find a variety of brochures that may be useful to your fertility clinic in educating your clients regarding embryo donation and adoption. None of these brochures have a copyright. Please fill out the form below to gain … Read More

Educational Presentations

We’ve created some presentations on the basics of embryo adoption and donation! These presentations will help you understand how your patients will benefit from knowing that embryo adoption and donation are viable options. Access the slides as PDFs by clicking … Read More