Why Should We Add Embryo Adoption into Our Adoption Agency Program? There are many children in the United States and throughout the world who have already been born and need a family. Why worry about frozen embryos? Thanks to Assisted … Read More

Educating Clients

Educating Clients about Embryo Adoption The Dream of a Family Each client who walks into your agency dreams of their future family. Most of your clients come to you because they know about adopting domestically, internationally or through the foster … Read More

Embryo Donation and Adoption Brochures

Here, you will find a variety of brochures that may be useful to your adoption agency in educating your patients regarding embryo donation and adoption. None of these brochures have a copyright. Please fill out the form below to download … Read More

Educational Presentations

We’ve created some presentations on the basics of embryo adoption and donation! Access the slides as PDFs by clicking one of the images below. You may click through at your own pace. Watch a recording of a webinar to listen … Read More