As a result of the work of many grantees, who have received funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, there are many resources available to help educate yourself about embryo donation and adoption.

Embryo Adoption Resources for Roman Catholics

Can Embryos Be Adopted? As stockpiles of frozen embryos grow, so does the debate regarding what should be done with them and for them, even among Catholic moral theologians. Click on the title to read an interview about embryo adoption … Read More

Videos: When Does Life Begin?

When does life begin is a serious question asked by many people. Does life begin at conception or does life start at some point before or after conception? The pro-choice vs. pro-life debate often asks this very questions about when … Read More

Creating a Family Creating a Family has a comprehensive set of resources on infertility and adoption. Dawn Davenport is a leading expert in adoption, infertility and orphan care, and the host of the top rated radio show on adoption and infertility in … Read More

National Embryo Donation Academy The National Embryo Donation Academy is composed of a professional faculty whose mission is to educate individuals in all aspects of embryo donation. Each faculty member has contributed curricula in their respective areas of expertise utilizing a number of … Read More