Photo by Live Loved Photography

Photo by Live Loved Photography

Can Embryos Be Adopted?

As stockpiles of frozen embryos grow, so does the debate regarding what should be done with them and for them, even among Catholic moral theologians. Click on the title to read an interview about embryo adoption with moral theologian Father Thomas Williams, dean of theology at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University

Is There Precedent for Embryo Adoption in Scripture and Medieval Christian Tradition?

From Click on the title to read an article on the morality of embryo adoption by Kent Lasnoski, Assistant Professor of Theology at Quincy University

Embryo Adoption: A Review of the Roman Catholic Conversation (Click to view a recording of this one hour webinar)

There are many practicing Catholics in the United States. Catholics are not any less prone to experiencing infertility problems. The Church is clear on two issues: 1.) Life begins at conception and 2.) In vitro fertilization is not an option for achieving pregnancy. But what about the use of remaining frozen embryos? What does the Church have to say about Embryo Adoption?