In certain spheres of American society, there persists a misguided belief that embracing fatherhood is somehow at odds with masculinity. Diaper changing? Not manly. Nighttime feeds? Effeminate. Have a Baby Bjorn strapped to your chest? Seen as emasculating, and frankly, a bit comical.

Regrettably, the act of adopting a baby often falls into the category of unacceptable endeavors for men.

As Father’s Day approaches, you might find yourself contemplating what it truly means to be a man. Perhaps you and your partner are grappling with the challenges of infertility, or maybe she’s urging you to consider embryo adoption despite your initial hesitations.

Embryo adoption will undoubtedly redefine your understanding of manhood in the most positive way imaginable. Whether you’re envisioning fatherhood for the first time or seeking to expand your family, here are three compelling reasons why you should seriously consider embracing fatherhood through embryo adoption.

Reason No. 1: The most vulnerable among us deserve the unwavering strength you can offer.

You may not be a bodybuilder, club bouncer, or wrestler (cue images of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), and that is perfectly okay! Strength manifests in various forms, particularly within families where dedicated fathers truly shine. This strength is especially crucial in providing frozen embryos with the best possible chance at life.

Consider this: Numerous couples who have undergone IVF to start their families are now seeking a family through embryo donation or adoption programs to give their remaining embryos a chance at life. While an embryo maybe just a few days old, for those who believe life begins at conception, it represents a child with aspirations, dreams, and a future. Imagine if that tiny life became a part of your family. What could you accomplish together? What greater purpose could you serve?

Reason No. 2: In today’s world, the influence of fathers is more critical than ever in shaping the lives of children.

Let’s think of Dwayne Johnson again, the epitome of masculinity. Did you know he is the father to three daughters? A self-proclaimed “Girl Dad,” he regularly posts photos of himself dressing up for tea parties, braiding hair, and coloring pictures. A big leap from his famous “cheat day” posts!

According to Warren Farrell and John Gray, authors of The Boy Crisis, boys who grow up to be men—and fathers—are an invaluable yet often overlooked asset to society. They argue that globally, the amount of time a father spends with a child is one of the most significant predictors of that child’s ability to empathize as they mature.

The good news is that we are already seeing the positive effects! According to Pew Research, millennial dads (those born between 1981 and 1996) on average are spending three times more time with their kids compared with previous generations.

As a father, you can instill values such as respect, love, and kindness in your children. The qualities you admire in others are ones you can actively cultivate in the next generation of leaders. Embryo adoption empowers you to make a meaningful impact not only on the life of an embryo-adopted baby and his or her placing family but also on your community and the world. Children learn from the examples set by their parents.

Reason No. 3: Fatherhood will immediately prompt a positive reevaluation of your life’s priorities.

As a man, you might occasionally wrestle with feelings of guilt. Perhaps you devote too much time to your career or struggle to prioritize spending time with your spouse, nurturing your spiritual growth, or indulging in a beloved hobby.

It is during moments like these that transformative experiences can reshape your perspective on what truly matters in life. Embryo adoption has the potential to be one of those pivotal moments for you. Welcoming a baby into your life demands a reordering of priorities. Caring for a little one entails giving of your time, energy, and humility. Yet, it also brings some of the most fulfilling and inspiring moments you’ll ever experience.

Embryo adoption is not for everyone, but if the desire to become a father stirs within you, take that first step with your partner. Educate yourself, ask questions, and consider the embryo babies and embryo donors who are eagerly seeking someone just like you to make a difference in their lives.

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