The Process of Embryo Adoption

When a family goes through IVF, the doctors create as many embryos as possible because it costs a lot, physically and financially, to retrieve the eggs and fertilize the embryos. One to three embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus, and the rest are frozen. If all goes as planned, the woman becomes pregnant from the first transfer! When they are done building their family, they can choose to donate remaining embryos to another couple they select.

Embryos are considered property under federal law. The recipients of donated embryos, or adoptive parents, assume legal ownership of the embryos through a contract.

The doctor performs a frozen embryo transfer into the adoptive mother, and if she becomes pregnant, she may carry a baby to term and give birth to her adopted child. The miracle of modern medicine, combined with the selfless and loving tradition of adoption results in a life-giving option for patients with frozen embryos and a form of adoption that allows parenting to begin with pregnancy.

This is embryo adoption.

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