Facing the Holidays with Infertility

Holidays are rarely stress-free for anybody. But for those who are facing an infertility diagnosis, the holiday season can be a struggle on a whole other level. The days which are supposed to be filled with tidings of cheer and great joy may represent another year gone—another year childless.

For those who are worrying about dealing with family members who ask too many questions, or bracing yourself for being around children at holiday parties, or just simply trying to keep smiling when hearing someone else is pregnant (again), we know it can be emotionally exhausting. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to help you get through these days with as little pain as possible.

Focus on the positive – Try reflecting on the good things that happened during the year. Maybe you took your first steps forward in an alternative family building option. Maybe you’re now getting medical treatment for a condition that was causing your infertility unbeknownst to you. Or maybe you are simply happy about the support and help you received during the past year.

Write down goals for next year – Make family building goals for the next year that you would like to have accomplished. Think of these goals and how great it will feel when they’re accomplished when things get a little bit too overwhelming.

Avoid malls, shopping centers, or any place with family activities – Families and children can be one of the biggest triggers over the holidays, especially for women. So just avoid places where families or children congregate.

Avoid holiday partiesIt is okay to say no. Saying no to a holiday party or family get-together can be one of the best things you could do for yourself. Even if it’s one you attend every year. If it’s easier for you to sit at home by a warm fire with a good book or movie, then do that! Especially if you know you won’t be able to avoid uncomfortable questions from relatives.

Start new traditions – Instead of the traditional holiday party, why don’t you and your partner go on a ski trip out of town? Starting a new tradition with the ones closest to you and who know what you’re really going through can help you forget about infertility, even if it is just for a little while.

Yes, the holidays will bring pain for those that are struggling with infertility. But there are ways to help the season go by as smoothly as possible. You can also watch are webinar about facing infertility around the holidays here.

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