Genealogy – History on a Personal Scale

We all know someone who has been researching their ancestry – perhaps that person is you!

Genealogy is not a new activity. It bridges cultures and eras. At its root, it satisfies basic human curiosity, helping answer questions that are fundamental to every human being:

Where do I come from? [The Past]

Why am I here? [The Present]

What is going to happen to me? [The Future]

So why a blog about genealogy in relation to embryo donation and adoption? Our human desire to find answers to the questions listed above is not only the pursuit of those who are currently living. It will be the pursuit of generations to come. In the 21st century, many people who would like to understand their past will be hindered by a choice their parents made – to use anonymously donated eggs/sperm/embryos.

While medical science has deftly progressed in its ability to help families achieve pregnancy and childbirth, it has lagged woefully behind in paying attention to the social and emotional issues that accompany Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Parents choose the path of secrecy, believing that what others don’t know won’t hurt them.

Shouldn't those who so ardently desire to be parents be equally passionate about doing it in a way that is in the best interest of their child? Open relationships in adoption do not mean co-parenting. They do not mean shared holidays. They do mean mutually agreeable communication style, pattern and frequency.

If you are considering the use of donor embryos, donor eggs or donor sperm please make the time to understand the importance of open relationships in regard to the children you one day hope to bear. Here is an excellent webinar recording: Fearful to Fearless – Understanding the Benefits of Open Adoption.

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