While the adoption and birth of your child is something to be celebrated, many parents need to process through feelings of grief for a genetic child who may never be born. Many couples who seek to adopt an embryo may have gone through other conception options that left them feeling tired, both emotionally and physically. Dealing with infertility can take its toll on your body, your mind, and your soul. When couples adopt an embryo, they usually need to process through the grief they feel at the loss of the genetic child before they are ready to welcome an adopted child into their lives.

First of all, know that these feelings are normal and that doesn’t mean you’ll love your adopted child any less. When you work with an experienced professional adoption agency, they will be familiar with the grief you are experiencing and be able to offer counseling and support to help you prepare your heart for your adopted child. Understanding the emotions that come with adoption will not only help you better prepare yourself for parenthood, it will help you educate your support system of friends and family about what you need, as well.

If you are considering embryo adoption as a means for family building, sign up for our webinars. Our webinar Grieving the loss of a genetic child, will equip you with great information you can put into practice right away to emotionally process through the loss of a genetic connection in parenting. For more information about embryo adoption or to sign up for our free webinars, please visit www.embryoadoption.org.

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