Helping You Achieve A Happy Mother's Day

For some of you out there, Mother’s day this year was a great time to celebrate the joy of being a mom. Unfortunately for those struggling with infertility, the day may have served as a painful reminder of a dream you are still chasing; pregnancy, children and motherhood.

For those of you still working on becoming a mother, we may have some encouraging news: Embryo Adoption may be the answer you are looking for.

Embryo Adoption is a relatively new process of family building where couples hoping to achieve pregnancy are matched with embryos donated by families who have gone through In vitro fertilization (IVF). These families have embryos remaining in frozen storage after completing their family building process. After being matched with donor embryos, the adoptive family transfers the embryos into the mother’s womb and, if all goes according to plan, nine months later gives birth to their adopted child.

Through Embryo Adoption thousands of women facing infertility have successfully been able to achieve pregnancy and give birth.

To learn more about how Embryo Adoption and how it can help you reach your goal of pregnancy and a family, visit The Awareness Center hosted a special evening webinar titled “The Affordable & Accessible Adoption Choice” which you can still watch the recording of. It will provide an in-depth overview of the process of Embryo Adoption.

With Mother’s Day 2015 only 363 days away, we want you to know motherhood is possible for those suffering from infertility. Embryo Adoption can help you achieve your dream.

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