Is Embryo Adoption for Me?

Have you always wanted to experience pregnancy? You can begin bonding with your adopted child in your own womb!

A simple letter from your doctor, confirming your ability to carry a pregnancy to term, is the first step.

Many people who adopt embryos have experienced one or more failed IVF cycles and yet, successfully give birth to an adopted embryo.

Some people are drawn to embryo adoption because they want to have more children and desire to give a frozen embryo the opportunity to live!

Embryo adoption is less expensive than acquiring donor eggs – eggs with which you would create even more embryos.  Donated embryos are just that: donated, no charge, a gift.  Why create more embryos when there are already created embryos waiting?

Embryo adoption is less expensive than domestic adoption or international adoption.

The most exciting part is that you give birth to your adopted child!

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